RE-NATURE is site-specific art for a treehouse in Southern California. Photo-murals are digital composite images connecting the physical and photographic and are constructed from more than 90 layers of 40 different photographs. The photo-collage is created from diverse images, including trees, branches, leaves from the local environment and drone camera photographs of the hillside and sky landscape. The “moving pictures” concept salutes film direction and the academy award winning writer/director, as photos of tree trunks and limbs flow seamlessly into actual trunks and limbs, all seen from multiple POVs in multiple combinations. The structure essentially disappears into the surrounding landscape.

Photographs are printed on vinyl by latex printer, then mounted into a multi-layered substrate developed by Ginsberg and Lillie over 3 years of experimentation and testing. The formula is durable and flexible with 4 membranes, including UV/waterproof seal laminate for additional sun, color and scratching protection. Treehouse siding photo-walls provide light weight, camouflage skin for exterior or interior applications, thus reducing the stress both on the tree and on the structure. RENATURE is a Forest Alchemy™ functional artwork.