HOME is an interactive open-air sculpture, accessible by ship ladder, allowing 15 viewers to sit inside a redwood tree, surrounded by an old-growth redwood forest panorama. From dusk through dawn, spotted owl videos bathe the sculpture’s surrounding walls. HOME, built with re-purposed redwood bark, reclaimed old-growth redwood and large-scale photographs mounted on ecoplast, invites entry into an internal, communal room, its circular bench and floors made of reclaimed, historic Scotia Mill redwood. Whether seated within or standing outside HOME’s redwood nest, viewers watch installation site video projections of a spotted owl family upon adjoining building walls. Two corresponding 50 minute video sequences immerse viewers in owls’ different native forest environments. Through its materials, content and experience, HOME asks that we hold nature sacred, thereby preserving our common home, where shelter, family, nourishment and ultimately, survival reside.

HOME debuted at ArtPrize 2010. It was exhibited at Van Andel Institute, which is dedicated to scientific and medical advance, education and research. HOME is currently on view at Forest Alchemy project space.