GROW LOVE™ is an interactive, site-specific, public art work on the great lawn in Centennial Park, Nashville, Tennessee. An homage to the iconic, native Tennessee flower and the Parthenon building, the installation is an 90ft immersive, three-dimensional magnolia flower labyrinth. Visitors enter the labyrinth and meander through its scalloped petal paths, with fabric walls ranging from 2-5 feet high allowing walkers to see one another, the installation and the site simultaneously. The fabric paths are symbolic of the draped Athena figures in the Parthenon archeological site. When arriving in the labyrinth’s communal center blossom, participants can add to the art by hanging a GROW LOVE tag with a personal, handwritten message. From dusk to dark, video projections cover the installation and walkers, enhancing site-specific aspects of the art and park with light, color, movement and shadow. Projections include time-lapse video of magnolia flowers blooming, Greek archeological sites and labyrinth artifacts.

GROW LOVE is sponsored in part through a THRIVE grant from Metro Arts Commission of Nashville and is the launch project for Artville, a Nashville based temporary art program spearheaded by Samantha Saturn, with additional sponsorship from Metro Parks and Nashville Arts Magazine. GROW LOVE is a Forest Alchemy™ interactive artwork.