RE-NATURE is site-specific art for Alexander Payne. Photo-murals are digital composite images connecting the physical and photographic, constructed with over 90 layers from 40 different photographs. The photo-collage is created from a broad collection of images, including trees, branches, leaves from the local environment and Drone camera photographs of Topanga hillside and sky landscape. The “Moving Pictures” concept is a tribute to film direction, with photo tree trunks and limbs lining up with physical trunks and limbs from multiple POVs in multiple combinations.

Photographs are printed on vinyl with a latex printer and mounted into a multi-layered substrate. Custom substrates were developed over 3 years of experimenting and testing, our formula is durable and flexible with 4 membranes, including UV/waterproof seal laminate for additional sun, color and scratching protection. Photo-walls for treehouse siding provide light weight, camouflage skin for exterior or interior applications, lightening the stress on the tree and the weight of the structure.